FCAITFlorida Consortium of Advocates for Infants
and Toddlers


Working for the Common Good of Florida’s Infants & Toddlers with Special Needs and their Families

Calendar of Events

The Annual Meeting, unless changed by resolution of the Board of Directors, shall take place at the annual Early Steps state meeting each year for the purpose of electing officers and for the transaction of such other business as may properly come before the General Membership of the Consortium.  Other Meetings may be called by the President or by the Executive Committee of the Corporation at the written request of five Members.  Written notice of Meetings shall be given not less than ten (10) days in advance to each person whose name appears on the books of the Corporation as a Member therefore; and if mailed, such notice will be directed to each Member at his/her last known address as the address appears on the books of the Corporation.